The Performance Series plays a huge part in the the existence of Mollyhopp. The hashtag #transcendyourself kicked me back into the active lifestyle I had taken too long a break from. I had forgotten how much I love running, yoga, and working out in general, and signing up for these races was the push I needed to get back into the gym and yoga studio, and out to the tracks and parkways.

The Performance Series is a series of five races held in different parts of Singapore. Each medal is shaped as a map of the part of the island the run is in, and if you complete all five races, the medals place together to become a shiny map of our gorgeous Singapore. 7000 runners and walkers got together this morning to complete a 10K, 5K or 2.5K course. Some are incredibly fit, others are the opposite of that, but everybody is out there to improve their physical health. I am equally inspired by the top 10 finishers and the less athletic. Today I was especially impressed by the participants who are observing Ramadan – the Muslim fasting month. It goes to prove that so much of what we do is in our minds.

My hope for the future is to see even more people turning up to these events, and if I can inspire even one person to take the leap to sign up for their first race, or choose a more active life, this will all have been worth it. I mean, if I can do it, anybody can.